Electronic component shortages have been a hindrance on a booming electronics marketplace throughout 2018, 2019, and into 2020. While new orders roll in and production remains steady, there simply haven’t been enough capacitors, resistors and other parts to go around.

With the addition of tariffs on imported Chinese goods and mandatory factory shutdowns due to COVID-19, most contract manufacturers are racing to understand what’s ahead for their already-constrained supply chain.


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown everyone for a loop, but electronics manufacturers have especially suffered thanks to supply chain disruptions and component shortages. 

The pandemic shut down a lot of avenues for raw materials and bulk electronic components, leaving manufacturers with half-finished products and idle capacity. Many components come from supply chains in Asia, and since China was ground zero for the coronavirus, the shortages started to affect U.S. manufacturers before the virus hit American soil. 

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