Solid-State Zero-Loss Relay


  • DC Loads
  • Switches even at 0V
  • Bidirectional
  • Long Life
  • Virtually unlimited on/off cycles
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • No Electrical Noise
  • Easy Plug in to Control Systems
  • Orientation Insensitive
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Common Specs

Maximum Turn-on Time : 50 milli-sec
Maximum Turn-off Time : 50 milli-sec
Maximum Input Signal Voltage : 12 V
Minimum Input Signal Voltage : 3 V
Maximum Current Drawn on Input : 15 mA

Board Dimensions

3″ x 2″; Height < 1.5″

Mounting Hole

Pitch: 1.75″ x 2.75″
Diameter: 5/32″

Maximum Load Voltage : 25 V
VMaximum Load Current : 20 A
Fuse : 20 A
Maximum Load Voltage : 40 V
VMaximum Load Current : 10 A
Fuse : 10 A
Maximum Load Voltage : 90 V
VMaximum Load Current : 3 A
Fuse : 3 A






Great DIY Tool for
Arduino & Raspberry enthusiasts

Switch for Battery Management Systems
High-side switching in a BMS is a difficult problem to solve – requiring specialty chips and charge-pumps.

This is a dream device if you want to design your own BMS – this SSR completely disengages the power path with a signal from the micro-processor in the BMS.

Minimal Power Loss because it is not a SCR or IGBT device – it is made from Mosfets.

Remote Switch for DC Motors
Your Motor line is completely isolated from the “logic line”.

You don’t have to worry about electrical noise from motor disturbing your sensitive controller electronics.

PID / PWM Control of Heater
If your application requires a huge amount of on/off cycling – such as PID control with PWM, then mechanical relays will burn out fast.

This type of SSR is a good solution.

* NOTE : Since the On/Off time is 50 milli-Sec, make sure that the PWM frequency is less than 1 Hz, and duty factor is between 5 and 95%.


40V, 10A