UV-C Multi-function Sanitizer


  • Air Sanitization
  • Portable Germicidal Gun
  • Overnight 360 Room Disinfection
  • Articles Sanitization


  • MF-SAN operates with a 12V power supply provided with the device.
  • Battery backup for up to 6 hours is provided for modes : Germicidal Gun and Overnight Room Disinfection.
  • Mode of Operation and other status are displayed on the LCD screen. Pressing the Control Switch changes the mode of operation.
  • MF-SAN units are highly portable, weighing only about 6 kg.
  • You can carry them to your office from home and back.
  • Take it in your car for trips. You can disinfect fruits, food and baby utensils while traveling.
Kills 99.9% Bacteria & Viruses
US Patent Pending Technology
Certified By Intertek
Manufactured in US and India


Mode: Air Sanitization

In Air Sanitization Mode, the device
continuously operates for 12 hours. It takes in the room air, disinfects it, and exhausts through manifold at the bottom.This mode is good for sanitizing the ambient air in rooms, offices, cars, etc… The air in a 10 x 10 x 10 ft room can be 99% sanitized within about 30 minutes.
Mode: Overnight 360° Room Disinfection

The MF – SAN devices are provided with an electric turn table that rotates the top lid continuously by 360 deg. When set to this mode, the MF-SAN device sanitizes the furniture and other objects in the room, besides the air.

This mode automatically stops in 3 hours. It should be operated in this mode when you leave the room for a while – such as the living room at night, bed room at day time, office during night and lunch hours, etc…

Mode: Germicidal Gun

In Germicidal Gun Mode, you can carry the Top Lid around and shine the UVC light on high-touch areas to disinfect. Keyboards, desks, door-knobs, equipment surfaces are good examples.

This is well suited for health workers and medical offices. Eye protection (simple lab goggles) is needed when operating the device in this mode to prevent accidental UVC exposure to eyes. High-touch surfaces can typically de disinfected to 90% within a several seconds.

Mode: Articles Sanitization

In this mode, you put small articles needing sanitization in the bin, put the top lid back, and turn on this mode.

Articles are sanitized within 10 minutes and the device automatically stops after that.

A range of objects can be sanitized:
fruits, vegetables, phone, wallet, keys, masks, mails, envelopes, sun-glasses, small packets, coffee-mugs, tea-cups, glasses, baby products, etc…